Private Jazz Funk~IMANI [Out Of The Blue] Liner Notes担当しました!

I wrote the liner notes for the Japanese reissue of IMANI’s album “Out Of The Blue”.
It has been called the “ultimate private press” of bay area jazz. Only 500 copies of this privately pressed record were released in 1983.
I interviewed Joaquim from the MAD ABOUT RECORDS label who licensed this album, and he told me interesting stories about how he it came about. Please check out this amazing rerelease!


ベイエリア・プライベート・プレス盤の最高峰、IMANIが遂にP-vineよりCD再発!ライセンスしたポルトガルのMAD ABOUT RECORDSのホアキンにインタビューしたのですが、とても貴重な面白い話を教えてくれました。そんな内容やこのIMANIレーベルの第2の存在にも触れています。